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Unveiling the Manifold Aspects of the Electronic Cigarettes Industry, Exclusively for You!


Considering the fact that electronic cigarettes are a much safer and convenient option as compared to conventional methods of tobacco ingestion, it is a pity that many consumers are not even partially aware about what electronic cigarettes are, their usage methods, the numerous types and varieties available in the market, and the fact that there is a full-fledged electronic cigarette industry, ready to cater to the requirements of health-conscious tobacco users across the world. Vapor Cigarettes has been established with this very intention of educating consumers about the various aspects of electronic cigarettes, and thereon providing them with the most recent updates from the electronic cigarette industry, and the latest options available for them in the market, all under one roof here!

What are Electronic Cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes makes use of an atomizer, propelled by a battery operated system in order to simulate the process of smoking a conventional cigarette, making a much safer alternative as compared to tobacco smoking, and an excellent means to reduce your daily consumption of regular cigarettes or other tobacco products, without having to suffer from withdrawal pangs. The four basic parts of any electronic cigarette comprises of an atomizer, a battery, a cartridge and the light cover. There are several shapes and types of electronic cigarettes available in the market, right from cylindrical ones to box-shaped, round and pipe-shaped ones for you to take your pick from!

Why Should You Opt for Electronic Cigarettes?

It is a known fact that smoking is highly injurious to health, and can cause numerous serious ailments, particularly cancer in the long run. It is indeed very difficult for habitual smokers or chain smokers to give up the habit all of a sudden, and the withdrawal pangs can be really very difficult to deal with. This is exactly the reason why more and more smokers are using electronic cigarettes without nicotine, in order to rid themselves of their addiction to smoking. Since the electronic cigarette without nicotine simulates the feeling of smoking, it becomes relatively easier for smokers to quit smoking.

What are the Advantages of Electronic Cigarettes?

It goes without saying that the primary advantage of Electronic Cigarettes without Nicotine is that they help smoking addicts in getting rid of their compulsive obsession of conventional cigarettes. But apart from that, there are other advantages of Electronic Cigarettes as well, and these are as follows:

  • They are considered to be the latest advancement in the arena of smoking and therefore, you score high on being trendy and suave!
  • Smoking Electronic Cigarettes without nicotine will not leave your teeth stained and will definitely not put out the offensive odour that is caused by conventional cigarettes.
  • There are minimal side-effects of electronic cigarettes as compared to chain smoking.
  • Investing in a good electronic cigarette is much cheaper in the long run as compared to stocking yourself with cartons of conventional cigarettes, which will eventually burn a hole in your pocket, and cause numerous health disorders.



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