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Why are electronic cigarettes growing in popularity?

The latest craze the world over is for the electronic cigarettes. With smokers finding these electronic smoking devices better than their traditional cigarettes, there is a sudden growth in demand for these devices everywhere particularly in the western world. Many smokers who are increasingly becoming health conscious are turning to electronic cigarettes as their alternative to smoking. It is true that these devices offer a very similar simulation to the traditional cigarettes but what makes them popular is the fact that they are not regulated as cigarettes because they do not contain tobacco which is the main component of traditional cigarettes. This makes them less harmful and hence, smokers are finding them attractive.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered electronic smoking devices that work with liquid nicotine instead of tobacco to satisfy the craving of a smoker. Also known as the Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), these devices are basically promoted as the nicotine replacement therapy tools for smoking cessation. They move the smokers off the tobacco cigarettes initially and make them used to the nicotine intake. Gradually, the nicotine content can be reduced to make them an absolutely safe smoking tool. NHS also plans to regulate the electronic cigarettes as medicines by 2016 which will authorize medical practitioners to prescribe them as smoking cessation aids to smokers who are keen on quitting. You can find more information about electronic cigarettes, their types and other such details here. The video is well elaborated and details out how electronic cigarettes can make it convenient for you to switch from the traditional cigarettes.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes work with the help of an atomizer, a battery and e-liquid. The e-liquid is a combination of liquid nicotine, vegetable oil and propylene glycol. You can even find e-liquids that contain an added flavour like menthol, blueberry, candy, etc. The flavoured e-liquid tends to give the smoker an additional flavour apart from the tobacco-like throat hit. Many people who have started using electronic cigarettes find them quite satisfactory.

The electronic cigarettes simulate the regular cigarettes in a variety of ways. They look very similar to them and also can be activated with a puff like the traditional cigarettes. Some e-cigs also have a LED light at the end that lights up when they are activated. This makes them further similar to the traditional cigarettes. In this way, these electronic smoking devices make sure that the smoker gets the same smoking experience as he would get when he smokes a traditional tobacco cigarette.

The electronic cigarette needs to be switched on if it is a manual one however, the automatic cigarettes can get activated simply with a puff. Once activated, the atomizer converts a little portion of the e-liquid that contains nicotine into smoke-like vapour that is inhaled. When inhaled this vapour gives a similar throat hit like a tobacco cigarette and hence offers the similar satisfaction to the smoker. Initially, the smoker may not find it exactly like a tobacco cigarette but a few puffs later, he will not be able to differentiate.

Finding the best e-cig brands

When you are serious on making the switch to the electronic cigarette, make sure that you don’t regret your decision. You can ensure this by choosing your electronic cigarette correctly from the wide range available. There is enough information available online for you to check. This site can give you information on some of the best electronic cigarettes however, extensive research is necessary. You can read reviews online or even ask your friends for references. Going by references is the right thing to do in most cases as you will have the feedback of a friend which is less likely to go wrong. But if none of your friends have tried these e-cigs, then you can well, depend upon your research online.

Buying electronic cigarettes online:

When it comes to looking for best electronic cigarettes, the most appropriate place would be to buy these electronic smoking devices online. There are several websites that offer top quality electronic cigarettes from various companies. You can look through the various products and choose depending upon your preference. The variety is vast in terms price, quality, type, design and make. If you are someone who likes it stylish and don’t mind to splurge, you will quite a few options for you with the metallic or gold coated e-cigs. Such electronic cigarettes are often considered as status symbols and many elite people use them at social gatherings to gather some attention!





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