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Smoking stinks your clothes and home. Electronic cigarettes smell good!

It is an usual complaint for non-smokers who go to places where people smoke, or just meet people who have smoked: smoke smells bad, and stinks clothes and hair. It is a more unusual situation now, but back in the days where there were less smoking regulations and there were more places where people could smoke -such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and even homes!- it was frequent for non-smokers to have a disgusting experience. Maybe your girlfriend would have thought it twice before kissing you in the mouth right after you had smoked!

Taking that annoying odor away

Dealing with the stink on your clothes can really be a headache for you. You should make sure that you make your cloths smell good before you use them again, otherwise your presence would be somehow disgusting for others. However, it is not easy. You have to take extra measures to take the odor away from your clothes, and it takes a lot of time that some people just do not have. You must wash clothes separately and immediately; you must use special products; you must use hot water and extra rinse; and you must hang clothes right away, exposing them to the sun to optimize their cleaning.

The whole process is almost as much as a bother to you as it is for others to actually stand your smell.

Bye-bye to smoke stink

Now, what about electronic cigarettes? Not only they produce no smoke at all -it's just vapour- but they can also smell really good. The vapour can be flavoured in many ways, maybe more than you could imagine. Picture the difference between the odor of tobacco smoke and the smell of lemon, chocolate or mint. There are hundreds of flavours in the market, and you can also make your own blends by buying the ingredients of the vaping liquid separately and combining them in a way that you like.

First let's learn some history . Although the concept of electronic cigarettes has been tracked back to the XVIII century, they started their commercial use in 2004 in China as a smoking quit aid and were internationally patented in 2007. Since then, there have been technological improvements to the basic design of electronic cigarettes, and currently an estimated 1.3 millon British people use electronic cigarettes regularly. In present day, scientifical studies have been conducted to test the possibilities of electronic cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking. There is currently debate in the European Parliament about whether or not electronic cigarettes should be regulated as medicines.

However, back to fun flavours!

There are some people who like doing their own blends: tobacco blends, alcohol blends, smoothie blends. What about vaping liquid blends? It's easier than it seems and now we will tell you about the basics. You should get more information before doing it yourself, there are plenty of tutorials on Youtube.

There are currently many flavors available in stores. Remember, vaping liquid is made out of three components: propyleneglycol and/or vegetable glycerine to create vapour, nicotine, and flavour. You need the three components to make vaping liquid.

Remember that you have to be very careful when you handle nicotine. Nicotine is toxic and dangerous. You are going to put it in your lungs, but you don't want it on your skin. Wear latex gloves, cover your table, watch for drops that fall out of place. After you are done, clean carefully your workspace, especially if you have children or pets that could get poisoned by it.

There are online tools called vaping liquid calculators or the like, that help you estimate the amount of each ingredient that you have to put on the mix for the desired effect. Google this tag to downlowad an app or use online tools. 

Basically, you have to calculate the amount of each ingredient and mix them together. The calculator will tell you how many drops of nicotine and of flavour you have to put in the mix to get the proper result. Now is time to have fun and play mad scientist with your vaping liquid. Add as much or as little nicotine as you wish - just be careful to get informed on how much is too much, and do not surpass that limit. Poisoning is not funny. Be responsible.

Now to the flavours. There are a lots of them in the market and you can combine them as you wish. Mint chocolate, citric blend of orange and lemon, banana and caramel, vanilla tobacco, all you can imagine. Have fun and share your recipes with your friends!


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