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The benefits of electronic cigarettes

Stop smoking!

Off late, no matter where you go, you will find signs urging you to stop smoking. Public parks, hospitals, bars, restaurants, workplaces, just about everywhere – the slogan is out and clear. People, governments, schools and colleges are all showing support against smoking and enforcing new smoking laws and regulations with every passing day. Tolerance levels towards smokers are declining and people who do not smoke are making it absolutely evident that they want fresh air to breathe and not smoke that contains life threatening carcinogens. If you are smoker and you just like to go on a casual little walk round the corner with your fag, you will have to watch out. You may be fined or even asked to do some community service. While the anti-smoking regulations are good as they promote public health and also make smokers choose to quit, the fact remains that these regulations are basically an infringement to the smokers' rights. Yes, the smokers do understand the harmful impact of smoking on their health however, that doesn't mean they will not be given time and opportunity to consider the options available to them!

Smoking is perhaps the most common addictions the world over and also a very difficult habit to quit. The after effects or more commonly known as the withdrawal symptoms can easily push a smoker trying to quit back into the addiction. So, what does a smoker do? How can he really get over his addiction without being forced to do so? The answer is the electronic cigarette.

What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are electronic smoking devices. These devices replicate the cigarettes in their look and feel but they don’t contain any tobacco. Instead, they contain nicotine. These electronic cigarettes offer the smokers an almost similar experience like the cigarette smoking but without letting the smokers pollute the environment as well as without giving their health a major negative impact. The question doing the rounds is whether these electronic cigarettes are as safe as the manufacturers claim them to be. The fact that these e-cigs are going to be regulated as medicines will quite answer the opponents. Yes, this is true. NHS plans to regulate e-cigs as medicines giving medical practitioners the liberty to prescribe e-cigs to smokers as a smoking cessation aid. Now, doesn't that make you believe that these electronic smoking devices are definitely better than your cigarettes and can actually help you quit smoking for good?

Safety of e-cigs:

There is no doubt to the fact that e-cigs are a lot safer than the tobacco cigarettes. However, caution has to be exercised when using these devices. The most important point to bear in mind is that these devices are definitely not for children or non-smokers. There has been a lot of argument that the electronic cigarettes tend to normalize smoking behaviour. Well, this may be true when non-smokers or minors start using e-cigs. Here, there is need for some regulation. Under-age sales have to be restricted and people who are non-smokers must be discouraged to use e-cigs. If this is taken care of, there can be nothing better than these devices to help smokers get over their addiction.

How do electronic cigarettes help?

The world is looking at understanding the use of electronic cigarettes and how they can help smokers and the non-smokers. The smokers have claimed that these devices have helped in saving lives by helping smokers get off the tobacco which is a fatal component and switch to nicotine which is far less harmful. While it is true that nicotine addiction may seem to be a concern, it is important to understand that electronic cigarettes provide for an option to regulate and control the amount of nicotine content too. People can choose to use e-liquid with varying nicotine content and gradually come to a point where they consume zero nicotine. This is an extremely important aspect to help keep nicotine addiction at bay. You can view the pros and cons of the electronic cigarettes here and make your choice.

Electronic cigarettes have truly revolutionized smoking. They have made smoking acceptable socially simply because there is no trouble or rather issue of the second hand smoke. So, you can actually make sure that "no-smoking" is not forced upon you but a decision that you prefer to take when you feel the time is right. Till then, kick out the traditional tobacco cigarettes and switch to the electronic cigarettes. Smoke e-cigs wherever you want without worrying about regulations, fines and of course, community service!





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