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UK Law on E-Cigarettes

It may seem as though there is a new craze sweeping through the United Kingdom. It is not a love for a new boy or girl band (although One Direction seem to be taking care of that) or a style of shoes or even a new sport (although with the 2014 Football World Cup around the corner, this is bound to become a bit of a craze once again). No, people have gone bonkers about electronic cigarettes.

The appeal of electronic cigarettes

The appeal of electronic cigarettes lies in a number of different aspects. The first reason why electronic cigarettes are so popular is because they are a lot better for you than normal cigarettes. Doctors all over the world are advocating the use of electronic cigarettes as a healthy alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. The reasons for this are easy to see. Instead of the more than 4000 chemicals and ingredients which are found in normal cigarettes, electronic cigarettes contain a maximum of five ingredients in them. These ingredients are normally found in other food products making them a lot safer for you than the toxic chemicals which are regularly put in normal cigarettes.

The other thing that makes electronic cigarettes so appealing is the fact that they are allowed in a lot more places than normal cigarettes. Since smoke is not emitted, the idea is that you can use them in public places like restaurants and art galleries as you are not harming others through your habit. While this is fantastic, there has been a lot of confusion around the law in the United Kingdom and electronic cigarettes. Here we take a look at the current law, what the trends are saying and what you should be aware of at the moment so that you do not get into unnecessary trouble when using your electronic cigarette...

Under 18s...

Before getting into details about where they can be used, it is important to elaborate on what the law says about individuals legally classified as children. The law in the United Kingdom has become very clear with regards to this topic. In January 2014 a decision was reached to ban the sale and distribution of electronic cigarettes to people under the age of 18. Ministers plan on making it a criminal offence to distribute the product to under 18s minors and for now you can expect to pay as much as £2500 if you are caught doing so.

It does not matter whether you are letting a 17 year old try your electronic cigarette or actually selling the product to minors, the result will be the same. There are various reasons for this move and there has been a lot of speculation behind it with the main reason seeming to be the rising popularity of electronic cigarettes. There have also been reports of children using electronic cigarettes in classrooms which is arguably enough to drive any minister towards doing something drastic.

Where are electronic cigarettes allowed to be used in the United Kingdom?

This is where it gets really murky with regards to the law. There are no set laws about public places and electronic cigarettes. The reason for this is due to the fact that electronic cigarettes do not emit any actual smoke and thus do not harm others. This means that for all intents and purposes you can use them in a lot of public places where normal cigarettes are banned.

Owners of various establishments have been left to deal with the electronic cigarette question at their discretion and if you want to avoid embarrassment at a function you should always find out beforehand if you are allowed to use it. The same applies for your workplace. If you are starting a new job, ask your colleagues whether or not they know about the company policy with regards to electronic cigarettes.

A lot of employers do not allow electronic cigarettes to be used inside and it is better to check beforehand. The last thing you need is a warning for something unnecessary or something that can be avoided easily. When it comes to places like the bus you can use them – just be considerate with regards to other passengers. If you are flying, give the airline a call beforehand to find out whether or not you will be allowed to use your electronic cigarette on the flight. Airlines are more lenient on long flights but it is important to check beforehand. With electronic cigarettes becoming increasingly popular you can expect to see the law become clearer soon. For now, just be courteous.


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