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What is the difference between the clearomizers and atomizers?

Have you ever wondered why people become addicted to smoking and why it is so difficult for them to quit smoking? The main reason is that cigarettes contain a highly addictive substance known as nicotine. In fact, some researchers have suggested that nicotine can be more addictive than heroin. Nicotine affects two main chemicals in your brain known as noradrenaline and dopamine, more specifically, it alters the balance of these chemicals causing your concentration level and mood to change into a state that is enjoyable.

The smoke produced by a burning cigarette contains nicotine which rushes to the brain when the smoke is inhaled. Once it arrives at the brain, it alters the level of chemicals in the brain and create a feeling of pleasure. You become calm and your stress and anxiety levels are reduced. This sensation is known as the nicotine rush. This is what causes people to become addicted to smoking. Apart from the fact that nicotine is addictive, it does not really have other adverse or harmful effects. The issue with smoking is that in order for the smoke which contains the nicotine to be produce combustion must take place. This is the dangerous factor. As the tobacco burns, thousands of harmful chemicals and carcinogens are produced which are dangerous for your health.

Is there an alternative?

You may be wondering if there is any other way for you to still be able to experience the nicotine rush without having to go through the process of combustion. The answer is yes! The answer is electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. E-cigs make it possible for you to experience the nicotine rush without combustion. It is a battery operated device that lights up electronically and vaporizes a liquid contain nicotine. The result of this process is a vapor containing nicotine which is inhaled, thus brining nicotine into your body and to your brain causing the nicotine rush. The device that contains the e-liquid and aids the process of it becoming a vapor is known as an atomizer or a clearomizer. This device allows the e-liquid to be heated until it becomes a vapor. Are you wondering what is the difference between the atomizer and the clearomizer?

Differences between atomizer and clearomizer


-    One of the original devices
-    Fairly small capacity
-    Best for people who prefer dripping
-    Have a heating coil on the bottom with a metal mesh on top of the coil  




-    One of the newer devices
-    Very popular on the market
-    Cylindrical
-    Clear tank to see the level of the juice
-    Uses a silica wick

Both the atomizer and clearomizer have their pros and their cons.

Advantages of an Atomizer
•    Perfect for dripping, which means that it is very easy for you to switch between different flavors of the e-liquid very easy
•    Simple design
•    Cheap
•    Easy to refill

Disadvantages of an Atomizer
•    Since that it does not hold a lot of e-liquid, you will need to continuously refill it if you are someone who vapes a lot.
•    Since that the atomizer is not clear, it is difficult for you to track the amount of e-liquid that is left inside so it is important that you have reserve refills just in case it finishes unexpectedly.

Advantages of a Clearomizer
•    Large capacity for e-juice
•    Clear tank- this allows you to see the exact amount of e-juice that is left inside
•    More durable

Disadvantages of a Clearomizer
•    Usually more expensive
•    May leak depending on manufacturer and model
•    May retain flavor from previous e-juice

Two of the most popular clearomizers on the market today is the CE4 and the CE5. They both produce a large amount of vapor and delivers a smooth flavor. As they are clearomizers, the container is clear so you can see exactly how much e-liquid is left in the container and when it is necessary for you to refill it. They are similar in that they both use similar technologies. They are both the same size, allowing for 1.6ml of e-liquid to be held. They come in a number of colors and are filled the same way; however, the CE5 has some extra features. One of these features is the fact that the CE5 inner tube consists of four holes which makes it possible for the e-liquid to flow through the clearomizer with ease which allows for a richer and smoother flavor. For more information and detailed reviews on the atomizer and the clearomizer, please continue browsing our website. As you learn more about the e-cig, you will soon realize that by switching to it, you will be making the best decision for your life.


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