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What is vaping liquid?

What are vaping liquids?

Everything in the world around us is becoming electronic ranging from our daily jobs to the gadgets which we use to perform these jobs! The same applies to cigarettes! Yes, that is correct. Smoking has become electronic through the use of the e-cig or the electronic cigarette. Electronic smoking has become a new trend which is pretty famous among youth across the globe and amongst those who are trying to quit the smoking of traditional cigarettes.

People are shifting to e-smoking in large numbers and even NGO’s, governments and other social institutions are also creating awareness among people to give up smoking by switching to this healthier option.

Like the traditional cigarettes are powered by tobacco, e-cigarettes are powered by vaping liquids. Vaping liquids are aerosol based solutions which are available in a number of flavours. They are known as e-liquid or e-juice when associated with e-cigarettes. There are a number of manufacturers of electronic vaping liquids across the globe which are producing hundreds of flavours of e-liquid. This gives the smokers an exciting range to choose from while it also confuses them regarding their decision making about which flavour to go for.

An electronic cigarette is a one-time purchase as you can buy a refillable cigarette kit. All you need to do is to refill your cigarette using a vaping liquid refill bottle which you can easily purchase from any store around you. There are tons of store which are into selling e-cigs and their accessories and you can also find these with ease online on the World Wide Web.

Why Electronic Smoking?

Many smokers have a pretty vague image of the e-cig. The very first question a typical smoker will pose upfront is why they should consider e-smoking? This is a genuine question, especially based on the fact that these smokers have gotten accustomed to tobacco over the years. They want to know why they should switch from tobacco smoking to e-smoking. Will the experience be the same? Is e-smoking enjoyable? Why should smoking be electronic when it can be real? These are some of the questions they will ask.

Be it from the aspect of health or from any other way, e-smoking has out run tobacco smoking in nearly everything. Here are some reasons why you should consider shifting to electronic cigarettes!

•    Health first!
A very famous saying quotes that “health is wealth”. People have understood this concept in large and they know the value of their health. Smoking is unhealthy as it can lead to cancer and many other lung related issues and diseases. Even the packets of tobacco cigarettes clearly state that its use is injurious to health. On the other hand, e-cigs have claimed to be having no side effects what so ever. It is completely healthy and this is enough of a reason for smokers to shift to e-smoking.

•    Cheaper
E-cigs are way cheaper as compared with tobacco cigarettes. Shifting to e-cigs can help in reducing down your monthly spending on smoking to nearly half of what you are spending currently.

•    Legally allowed!
Unlike cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not lead to pollution and they also don’t have a bad smell. This is why many developed countries have made it totally legal to smoke electronic cigarettes in public places.

•    Range of flavours
Smoking becomes boring after a time as there is no other option but to have tobacco cigarette every time. This isn’t the case with e-cigs because they are powered by flavours. The e-liquid or e-juice is available in number of flavours for you to choose for. Each flavour has  its own taste and aroma which makes every smoking experience unique and interesting. Some of the most liked flavours include apple, wine, strawberry, blueberry etc. Most of the flavours are based on natural fruits and other extracts like mint etc.

Getting started with e-cigarettes!

If you are one of those tobacco smokers who are willing to kick start with the electronic form of smoking, today is your day! You can switch to e-smoking with your first smoking kit. It is advisable to start your first e-smoking experience with a starter’s kit, more specifically a disposable e-cigarette starter kit. This kit is not expensive and allows you to get a taste and feel of e-smoking without having to make much of an investment. If you like the experience then you can completely switch to e-smoking. If you would like to have more information on a range of starter or disposable e-smoking kits which are recommended for beginners, click here.


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