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Smoking stinks your clothes and home. Electronic cigarettes smell good!

It is an usual complaint for non-smokers who go to places where people smoke, or just meet people who have smoked: smoke smells bad, and stinks clothes and hair. It is a more unusual situation now, but back in the days where there were less smoking regulations and there were more places where people could smoke -such as bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and even homes!- it was frequent for non-smokers to have a disgusting experience. Maybe your girlfriend would have thought it twice before kissing you in the mouth right after you had smoked!

Taking that annoying odor away

Dealing with the stink on your clothes can really be a headache for you. You should make sure that you make your cloths smell good before you use them again, otherwise your presence would be somehow disgusting for others. However, it is not easy. You have to take extra measures to take the odor away from your clothes, and it takes a lot of time that some people just do not have. You must wash clothes separately and immediately; you must use special products; you must use hot water and extra rinse; and you must hang clothes right away, exposing them to the sun to optimize their cleaning.

The whole process is almost as much as a bother to you as it is for others to actually stand your smell. Read More...

How does the electronic cigarette work?

Smoking in a no-smoking zone?

Imagine that you are at your favorite restaurant, having a meal with your loved ones. While enjoying your meal, you notice that someone at the next table is puffing on a cigarette and letting out a cloud of smoke which travels across to your table. You get up to kindly ask that person to put out the cigarette because you feel that he is being rude by breaking the restaurant’s rule as smoking is not allowed and by exposing you and your loved ones to secondhand smoke. However, as you are getting up from your seat, you inhale some of the smoke and realize that it does not smell like smoke at all neither does it taste like smoke. It smells and tastes like apple! Confused, you sit back down! That which your neighbor was smoking certainly looks like a cigarette but it does not smell nor taste like a cigarette. What could it be?

The answer is simple. It is an electronic cigarette which is also known as an e-cig, an e-cigarette or a smokeless cigarette. E-cigs are generally designed to look like regular cigarettes but they are not. They do not contain tobacco and they do not require a match to be lit up. Instead, they are battery operated.

So why was your neighbor allowed to smoke in a restaurant where no smoking is allowed? Well, there are not restrictions on where e-cigs can be smoked. They can be smoked in public places in which the smoking of tobacco cigarettes are not allowed.

History of the e-cig

The e-cig was invented by a Chinese pharmacist known as Hon Lik in 2003. The story goes that the father of Hon Lik died from cancer due to his addiction to the smoking of traditional cigarettes. Hon Lik therefore decided to dedicate his time and effort into developing a safer alternative that would give people the same smoking experience without having any adverse effects on their health.

How does the e-cig work?

So, do you really want to know how they work? As mentioned before, it does not work with a match. However, when a traditional cigarette is lit, the tobacco burns and releases smoke which contains nicotine. This smoke is inhaled by the smoker and the nicotine in the smoke is delivered to the lungs of the smoker. In the same manner, the battery powers the e-cig and heats up a liquid containing nicotine, known as the e-liquid. As this liquid burns it produces a vapor which is inhaled by the user delivering nicotine to the lungs of the smoker.


UK Law on E-Cigarettes

It may seem as though there is a new craze sweeping through the United Kingdom. It is not a love for a new boy or girl band (although One Direction seem to be taking care of that) or a style of shoes or even a new sport (although with the 2014 Football World Cup around the corner, this is bound to become a bit of a craze once again). No, people have gone bonkers about electronic cigarettes. Read More...

The benefits of electronic cigarettes

Stop smoking!

Off late, no matter where you go, you will find signs urging you to stop smoking. Public parks, hospitals, bars, restaurants, workplaces, just about everywhere – the slogan is out and clear. People, governments, schools and colleges are all showing support against smoking and enforcing new smoking laws and regulations with every passing day. Tolerance levels towards smokers are declining and people who do not smoke are making it absolutely evident that they want fresh air to breathe and not smoke that contains life threatening carcinogens. If you are smoker and you just like to go on a casual little walk round the corner with your fag, you will have to watch out. You may be fined or even asked to do some community service. While the anti-smoking regulations are good as they promote public health and also make smokers choose to quit, the fact remains that these regulations are basically an infringement to the smokers' rights. Yes, the smokers do understand the harmful impact of smoking on their health however, that doesn't mean they will not be given time and opportunity to consider the options available to them!

Smoking is perhaps the most common addictions the world over and also a very difficult habit to quit. The after effects or more commonly known as the withdrawal symptoms can easily push a smoker trying to quit back into the addiction. So, what does a smoker do? How can he really get over his addiction without being forced to do so? The answer is the electronic cigarette.

What are electronic cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes are electronic smoking devices. These devices replicate the cigarettes in their look and feel but they don’t contain any tobacco. Instead, they contain nicotine. These electronic cigarettes offer the smokers an almost similar experience like the cigarette smoking but without letting the smokers pollute the environment as well as without giving their health a major negative impact. The question doing the rounds is whether these electronic cigarettes are as safe as the manufacturers claim them to be. The fact that these e-cigs are going to be regulated as medicines will quite answer the opponents. Yes, this is true. NHS plans to regulate e-cigs as medicines giving medical practitioners the liberty to prescribe e-cigs to smokers as a smoking cessation aid. Now, doesn't that make you believe that these electronic smoking devices are definitely better than your cigarettes and can actually help you quit smoking for good? Read More...

What is vaping liquid?

What are vaping liquids?

Everything in the world around us is becoming electronic ranging from our daily jobs to the gadgets which we use to perform these jobs! The same applies to cigarettes! Yes, that is correct. Smoking has become electronic through the use of the e-cig or the electronic cigarette. Electronic smoking has become a new trend which is pretty famous among youth across the globe and amongst those who are trying to quit the smoking of traditional cigarettes.

People are shifting to e-smoking in large numbers and even NGO’s, governments and other social institutions are also creating awareness among people to give up smoking by switching to this healthier option. Read More...

What is the difference between the clearomizers and atomizers?

Have you ever wondered why people become addicted to smoking and why it is so difficult for them to quit smoking? The main reason is that cigarettes contain a highly addictive substance known as nicotine. In fact, some researchers have suggested that nicotine can be more addictive than heroin. Nicotine affects two main chemicals in your brain known as noradrenaline and dopamine, more specifically, it alters the balance of these chemicals causing your concentration level and mood to change into a state that is enjoyable.

The smoke produced by a burning cigarette contains nicotine which rushes to the brain when the smoke is inhaled. Once it arrives at the brain, it alters the level of chemicals in the brain and create a feeling of pleasure. You become calm and your stress and anxiety levels are reduced. This sensation is known as the nicotine rush. This is what causes people to become addicted to smoking. Apart from the fact that nicotine is addictive, it does not really have other adverse or harmful effects. The issue with smoking is that in order for the smoke which contains the nicotine to be produce combustion must take place. This is the dangerous factor. As the tobacco burns, thousands of harmful chemicals and carcinogens are produced which are dangerous for your health.

Is there an alternative?

You may be wondering if there is any other way for you to still be able to experience the nicotine rush without having to go through the process of combustion. The answer is yes! The answer is electronic cigarettes or e-cigs. E-cigs make it possible for you to experience the nicotine rush without combustion. It is a battery operated device that lights up electronically and vaporizes a liquid contain nicotine. The result of this process is a vapor containing nicotine which is inhaled, thus brining nicotine into your body and to your brain causing the nicotine rush. The device that contains the e-liquid and aids the process of it becoming a vapor is known as an atomizer or a clearomizer. This device allows the e-liquid to be heated until it becomes a vapor. Are you wondering what is the difference between the atomizer and the clearomizer? Read More...

Best Electronic Cigarettes

Why are electronic cigarettes growing in popularity?

The latest craze the world over is for the electronic cigarettes. With smokers finding these electronic smoking devices better than their traditional cigarettes, there is a sudden growth in demand for these devices everywhere particularly in the western world. Many smokers who are increasingly becoming health conscious are turning to electronic cigarettes as their alternative to smoking. It is true that these devices offer a very similar simulation to the traditional cigarettes but what makes them popular is the fact that they are not regulated as cigarettes because they do not contain tobacco which is the main component of traditional cigarettes. This makes them less harmful and hence, smokers are finding them attractive.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered electronic smoking devices that work with liquid nicotine instead of tobacco to satisfy the craving of a smoker. Also known as the Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS), these devices are basically promoted as the nicotine replacement therapy tools for smoking cessation. They move the smokers off the tobacco cigarettes initially and make them used to the nicotine intake. Gradually, the nicotine content can be reduced to make them an absolutely safe smoking tool. NHS also plans to regulate the electronic cigarettes as medicines by 2016 which will authorize medical practitioners to prescribe them as smoking cessation aids to smokers who are keen on quitting. You can find more information about electronic cigarettes, their types and other such details here. The video is well elaborated and details out how electronic cigarettes can make it convenient for you to switch from the traditional cigarettes.

How do electronic cigarettes work?

Electronic cigarettes work with the help of an atomizer, a battery and e-liquid. The e-liquid is a combination of liquid nicotine, vegetable oil and propylene glycol. You can even find e-liquids that contain an added flavour like menthol, blueberry, candy, etc. The flavoured e-liquid tends to give the smoker an additional flavour apart from the tobacco-like throat hit. Many people who have started using electronic cigarettes find them quite satisfactory. Read More...

Where can you buy e-cigarettes?

Why buy electronic cigarettes?

The buzz around the world these days is for the electronic cigarette. People all over are looking to find more information about these wonder devices that have almost revolutionized smoking. There is no denying the fact that smoking is one of the worst addictions. There are several people all over the world who are addicted to smoking though they all realize the health hazards associated with this addiction. Most smokers have also looked for ways and methods to quit smoking.

While many have tried quitting smoking by determination, there have been many who have tried various smoking cessation aids like prescriptions drugs, rehabilitation and the use of nicotine replacement therapy products such as nicotine gums and patches. However, a major percentage of such people who have tried to quit using the above mentioned methods haven’t been able to give up smoking. A majority of them have gone back to their addiction. If you are among such people who have tried to quit but have not been able to, then perhaps, the method applied did not work. Given that, many of these people have found electronic cigarettes to be quite effective. So, why not try it?

With more and more people understanding the benefits of using electronic cigarettes, the demand for these electronic smoking devices have considerably risen over the years. If you haven’t heard of electronic cigarettes or are not fully aware of what devices can do, then here is some information that can help you. Electronic cigarettes, as the name suggests, are electronic smoking devices. These devices are designed in a very similar fashion as the real tobacco cigarettes. However, the difference in these devices is that while they offer similar feel and simulation as the tobacco cigarettes, they do not contain any tobacco. Instead, these devices work with nicotine. This is the reason why the electronic cigarettes are considered to be healthier than the tobacco cigarettes. So, if you are a smoker trying to quit but the whole experience of smoking is not letting you do that, trying switching to electronic cigarettes. It might just work for you like it has for several other millions of smokers. Read More...


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